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Redding Business Networking and Leads Group

Shasta Business Builders was established in 2008 to give local businesses an opportunity to network and become a single marketing force.  We have a wide variety of businesses and services represented in the group.  We are a referral based Redding business networking and leads group that looks out for each other.  When you are a member it is like adding 25-30 salespeople to your company.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue are generated from the referrals and leads shared by our members.

Shasta Business Builders is a proud member of the Redding Chamber of Commerce and many of our members are involved in various other service organizations in the Redding area.  If you are looking for an organization to help your business, this is the one

Only one member per profession and one profession per member will be accepted. Shasta Business Builders membership will be capped at 30 members. If a member has more than one business, they will need to choose which they would like to represent in the group.  Also, each member is welcome to participate in other informal networking groups.  However, members may not belong to another formal, referral/leads group (BNI, LeTip, PNA, B2B, etc.).

If you are interested in becoming a member call Dave Silva at 530-338-2822 or email proexterminator@gmail.com